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Dead Hackers Society  Best source of new demos and games for your STE. They also made                                         many production that are STE-only or support hardware features.


Newcore                         Home of Newcore, maker of the cool STE-only demo Coreflakes.


Pouet                              A scene page for all computer systems. Push STE productions to show you                                          like the stuff done for it.

STEEM                          Although the real hardware rules, some like to have an STE                                         emulation on their Linux/Windos PC. Then this is your choice.

Zeal                                 An STE-only democrew. You get some demos and one STE game                                          there.


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This site has no commercial intention. It is dedicated to the old Atari computers and has nothing to do with the new Atari-Label owned by Infogrames!

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