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Welcome to the Atari STE homepage !


These pages are dedicated to a  16bit home computer system developed by Atari in the late 80ties. The aim of this site is to provide programms and informations for all those interested in the STE or in old computer systems. You can learn more about the Atari STE in Facts .

Inside the Archiv, all programms that use STE-features or are STE-only are listed if known by the author. In case you know a file missing in this list please inform me using ronald.wendt@gmx.de.

In the future there will be plenty of information for developers and supporters of the STE available. Choose Development to get it.

Usefull links on the web for STE-fans are listed in Links.

Enjoy this site and keep the STE alive!



15.02.2004  Completly new design is online. Its now closer to the topic of these pages.


14.02.2004  Today 5 new applications and 9 new demos have been added. Now there are                      164 programms in archiv.


06.02.2004  We celebrate the 150th entry in our archiv ! Due to 6 new applications we

                     reached the magic number ! Thanks to all the supporters that made this

                     possible ! But 150 is by far not the end, there is still so much to come.


30.01.2004   11 new game and 16 new demo entries in the archiv. Also some corrections

                     took place. Now 144 programms in archive ! 


22.01.2004  The archiv structure has been changed, now only 30 programms per page

                     for better survey. The facts are now also about the Mega STE and some

                     hints about additional hardware for STE-rookies.Thanks and Greets have

                     been added to Site info. 6 applications are new in the archiv.

                     Now 117 Prgs in archive ! 


06.01.2004  6 new demos have been added. Now 111 STE hardware supporting Prgs

                    in the archiv! In the Links section you will find a site were you can vote

                    the STE for the best Atari machine ! Also I've put some small but

                    important infos into the Facts.


24.12.2003  Merry christmas! A lot has happened on these pages ! This newsticker has                      been added as well es new links and numbers for better survey to the archiv.                      Some changes in the demo archive thanks to evil/dhs. And last but not least                      the design has been changed.


14.12.2003  The archiv now includes demos and applications. The games section was                     updated with many informations from the dhs scene.


1.11.2003     The dream comes true ! The Atari Ste fanpages are online. Yet basic style and                      infos but it is real now.


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This site has no commercial intention. It is dedicated to the old Atari computers and has nothing to do with the new Atari-Label owned by Infogrames!

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