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Atari MegaSTE Facts

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After it was clear that the 1040 STE was not conquering the market and IBM PCs started to gain more and more ground, Atari was in need of a new business model for offices. The TT was too expensive to be a widespread machine, so Atari made a mixture between the two models: the Mega STE .  

It had a higher clocked processor than the 1040STE running at 16 Mhz. Also a cache and the option to integrate a mathematical coprocessor 68881 or 68882. Still no new graphic modes were added, nor any graphic features to get used in games (such as hardware sprites, rasters etc.) so it had no influence on that market.

But the aimed user group seemed to like it, at least in Germany were it was used by many musicians and small businesses.

The main hardware datas:

  •  MC68000 at 16Mhz
  • optional Math-Coprocessor 68881 or 68882 at 16 Mhz
  • VME-Bus
  • Cache
  • 48 MB harddisc (shipped in Germany)
  • 4096 colour palette
  • DMA 8 bit Stereo-Sound with up to 50 khz digisound replay
  • graphic coprocessor chip Blitter.
  • easy to upgrade SIMM based memory (up to 4 MB)
  • Genlock support
  • 3 1/2" disc drive
  • Graphics 320x200 at 16 colours, 640x200 at 4 colours and 640x400 at 2 colours
  • Midi in/out
  • ROM port

The models a user could buy were the Mega STE2 (2MB) and Mega STE4 (4MB).

The operating system is TOS,  the version in the MegaSTE was TOS 2.06.

Atari advertisment in Germany from 1991 (klick on image to enlarge):

advertisment for the Atari MegaSTE


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