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Welcome to the Atari STE homepage !


These pages are dedicated to a  16bit home computer system developed by Atari in the late 80ties. The aim of this site is to provide programms and informations for all those interested in the STE or in old computer systems. You can learn more about the Atari STE in Facts .

Inside the Archiv, all programms that use STE-features or are STE-only are listed if known by the author. In case you know a file missing in this list please inform me using ronald.wendt@gmx.de.

In the future there will be plenty of information for developers and supporters of the STE available. Choose Development to get it.

Usefull links on the web for STE-fans are listed in Links.

Enjoy this site and keep the STE alive!



12.06.2006    A small article about the STEs Power Pads with some pictures done by Ralf

                     Zenker (thanks pal) was added to Facts/Additional Hardware.

                     Click here to read it.


25.02.2005   The archive has been rebuild and is now a real database with sort and search                     functions. This was done by the very nice and helpful Gerhard Pfeffer who did this

                    although he is not into Atari elsewise. Big thanks for your great work !


03.11.2004   New stuff to download for your STEs. Sixteen new titles make a total  of 45 

                     available downloads. Also four new demos in the list and some

                     corrections and additions to other titles. Total list includes 214 titles now.


27.09.2004   Time to celebrate  ! Over 200 entries now !! Demos increased by eight, games

                     by three and apps by one entry. Titles listed is now: 210. Also the first steps

                     in the Develop section are finally made, special big thanks go to Oliver Heun

                     (The Paranoid) and Nils Feske (505) for their great articles!


06.06.2004   And we go on with 7 new demos and 2 more games and many infos included                     that were missing.. Number of titles listed is now: 192 .


09.05.2004   After a little break, the work continues: this time growing with 8 new demos.

                    Number of entries now: 183 .

                    Also 8 new downloads are available, all in all now 29.


21.02.2004   The download continiues. Now 21 titles ready to get to you.

                     Also the archiv itself is growing with 6 new demos and 5 new applications .

                     Leading to a total of 175 entries.


19.02.2004  The first downloads are available ! Thanks to Evil/DHS who hosts the stuff !!!

                    Just  8 at the moment, but the number will increase!

                    Seek the entries with disk symbol to get them !


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This site has no commercial intention. It is dedicated to the old Atari computers and has nothing to do with the new Atari-Label owned by Infogrames!

Last update 12.07.06