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Additional STE Hardware

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Using only Atari hardware urges you to use two different monitors to get the best out of your STE.

For highres office and midi stuff you should use the SM124 or SM144 in 640x400 at 72hz. Back in time this was one of the best systems to work with (especially very eye friendly).

For your entertainment and for colourful graphics stuff you should use a SC1224, better a SC1435 for its stereo support to get all the nice sound qualitity your STE can provide.

I would recommend a switch to change the monitors easily without exchanging them all the time if you like  work with all STE resolutions.


 The Power Pad

 The Power Pad was especially made for the use with the STE and Falcon computers. Its design is the same as the one of the JagPad but for one difference: the colour of the case is grey and the buttons are blue. By the way : there is no problem linking a normal JagPad to the STE or the Falcon to play a game. The bigger problem is to find a game you can play with it on one of the computers. Only very few games support the Power Pad.

Pictures of the Power Pad and its package (click on image to enlarge):

Power Pad        Power Pad

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