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3. Tracker

Not only listening but also making music on Atari STE is no problem either. There are quite a lot of more or less great tracker programs around. Short reviews of the most important trackers for the STE are following.


Protracker STE


No doubt, PROTRACKER STE is one of the best programs for editing music on the Atari around. It comes in the typical Protracker-look and is great to use. The options and tools include everything one needs for creating decent 4-channel modules. Furthermore you can set up the replay frequency up to (faked?) 50 khz and still have a great workflow in the tracker. Not much more words to loose on this outstanding programm - it offers great graphics, great routines and a great feeling.




In the middle of the nineties NewCore brought us OCTALYSER. This tracker has a good interface and also a nice editing surrounding but is further rather spectacular, as it can handle up to 8 channels. So for the first time Atari STE users were able to create those modules on their machines. Some musicians swear on this programm, personally I never got really warm with it for some reason (I think I got some problems with some screen flickering or so..). Anyway, it is stable, it is comfortable and also powerful. All in all a really fine and useful Atari STE-application.




DBE-TRACKER by Sector One was never recognized very much. This is a bit strange as it is quite strong. It can replay up to 32(!) channels and loads a lot of formats. Of couse the replay quality sinks with an increasing number of channels, but anyway, it's the only possibility to listen to e.g. DTM-songs on STE. The interface and the user controls are in my eyes a bit unusual, but not bad as well. After all, it is worth a try in any case.


4. Conclusions

To summarize all this, the Atari STE has improved sound hardware compared to the Atari STf. Of course from nowadays view 8-bit stereo is not state of the art, but still better than nothing. The advantages of the hardware led to a good amount of STE-optimized audio software. There are numerous good modplayers to choose as well as really good trackers for this system around. When I remember editing modules on my old STf and when I compare that to the feeling and quality of working on the Atari STE, there is no other way then saying that doing modules and playing them is a real pain on the STf. Or to put it the other way around: the Atari STE is a pretty perfect computer for playing around with modfiles.

ps: for download possibilites it is a good idea to visit the music tool site on theDead Hackers Society homepage

Nils Feske 2004
written for www.atari-ste.com






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